Auction results

Some important results of past sales can be viewed here. You can also download each sale’s results as a PDF (hammer prices).

Auction 167
Great results were obtained during this auction "Old Masters, Modern and Contemporary Art". Remarkable prices for Belgian and international artists: € 292.800 for the neo-impressionistic "Waterloo Bridge, London" (1918) by Emile Claus; the extraordinary "After the Rainfall" by Willem Bastiaan Tholen, sold € 183.000; and the dynamic water sculpture by Pol Bury, sold € 150.500.
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auction 166
Extraordinary results on all fronts during this auction. Top prices were reached for "Les ballerines" (1908) by James ENSOR, sold € 802.125 and "The House" (1986) by René DANIËLS, sold € 569.750 the highest amount ever paid in auction for this artist.
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Great prices for modern and contemporary works who fetched 20 of the 36 results above 25.000 €, but the highest price of this sale was achieved for the “Jardin d’amour” by JAMES ENSOR, sold 225.500 €.
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16/10/82 - 25/10/14
remarquable results from past sales
A choice of past results starting from 1982 ... highlights such as Paul Delvaux' "Les Louves" or René Magritte's "Madame Recamier", but also some top results from Old Master Painting to Modern and Contemporary Art, from Alexander Calder to Feng Zhengjie.
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